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Rothco Camo BDU Pants

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Rothco’s Camo BDU Pants:

  • Comfortable And Resilient 55% Cotton/45% Polyester Blend
  • Reinforced Seat And Knees For Maximum Durability
  • 2 Front Slash Pockets
  • 2 Button Down Pleated Bellows Leg Pockets
  • 2 Button Down Back Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist Tabs And Button Fly
  • Drawstring Ankle Ties And Tough Double Stitched Seam
  • Traditional Vietnam era camouflage pattern in 9 different colors
  • Also available in Digital Camo or Solid Colors

Size Chart:

The number values represent Inches. Like all clothing, the BDU sizes can vary slightly. We normally recommend sizing up when you are within 1/2 inch of the upper limit. For example: a 30.5 inch waist may want to go with a Medium BDU for a more comfortable fit.

Size Chart - Rothco BDU Pants
Size Waist
XS 23-27 40 29.5-32.5
S 27-31 44 29.5-32.5
M 31-35 48 29.5-32.5
L 35-39 52 29.5-32.5
XL 39-43 56 29.5-32.5
2XL 43-47 60 29.5-32.5
3XL 47-51 64 29.5-32.5
4XL 51-55 68 29.5-32.5
5XL 55-59 72 29.5-32.5
6XL 59-63 76 29.5-32.5


The camo patterns are produced by a printing process that may leave the material a bit stiff at first. The pants will soften up over a couple of washes.

To get the most out of your BDU Pants, please wash inside out, in cold water and line dry. Avoid the use of fabric softeners and limit dryer time (if you need to use a dryer). This will help preserve the color and the material will last much longer.

On this Page:

  • Rothco #7941 Woodland Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #7881 City Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #4712 Midnight Blue Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #8670 Pink Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #7915 Red Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #8865 Savage Orange Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #7882 Sky Blue Camo BDU Pants
  • Rothco #8875 Stinger Yellow BDU Pants
  • Rothco #7925 Ultra Violet BDU Pants

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  • Inseam?

    The inseam for the Rothco BDU Pants is about 32.5 inches. The pants have drawstring ankles which allow for blousing to reduce the inseam to about a 29.5 or so comfortably. We do include a size chart tab on the product page. Thank you!

  • How much is tax

    Hello, There is no sales Tax for orders shipped outside of NJ.
    NJ does not require sales tax for the Rothco Camo BDU Pants or any Clothing, but we charge the rate of 6.625% for anything else, including shipping and handling within the state of NJ. Thank you!