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Military Web Belt with Solid Brass Buckle, 100% Made in the USA

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The highest quality, military web belt available on the open market today!

Our Genuine Military Web Belts are 100% made in the USA from raw materials to final assembly. Thick cotton webbing and American Brass Buckles and Tips really put this military web belt in a class of its own.

These military web belts are made up of 3 basic components, the cotton webbing for the belt, and the buckles and tips.

  1. The cotton used for the belt webbing was grown, spun, and woven right here in the USA to military specifications.
  2. The solid brass buckles and tips are stamped "MADE IN U.S.A." and "SOLID BRASS" directly on the back.

Both the nickel plated and 24K gold plated military web belts have a thick, durable plating that maintains that high-gloss, inspection ready shine with only a gentle swipe of a clean, dry cloth. No polishing necessary!

Order your military web belt today! You won't be disappointed...our genuine military web belts are built to last a lifetime and your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

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Ask a Question
  • does the size 44" in the military kaki belt with brass buckle fit a 36" waist

    The military belts are offered by overall length from buckle to tip. So, a 44 inch belt would have about 8 inches of left for a 36 inch waist. The buckle itself is about 2 inches, so there would be roughly 6 inches of belt on the pulled through side of the buckle.

    A good thing to note is that the belts can be cut down to the proper length. So, you could always order a size up and then cut it down to the proper length.