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Our Story

The "Booster" - Buy with Confidence!

  • We've maintained very high standards on the toughest marketplaces in the world, such as and
  • We are Authorized Dealers and purchase our products direct from manufacturers and fully authorized distributors.

The "Skinny"

For Years, Daybreak has been helping customers around the world save money.
We've Provide value by selling name brands at some of the lowest prices available.
Our Customers are offered quality merchandise at deep discounts with competitive shipping charges.
With Service, Knowledge, and Great Prices, Daybreak invites you to join our growing family of customers.

The "Blurb"

Daybreak Enterprises, Inc. is a privately owned retailer and a registered corporation in the State of New Jersey. In July of 1997, Daybreak opened for business. The immediate goal was to make sometimes costly music supplies more accessible for children. By offering lower prices to school systems and students, we hoped to fuel the growth of declining music departments in Northern New Jersey. In late 1998, we joined the internet "BOOM" and brought our low prices and quality service to musicians and music lovers around the globe. Daybreak has since expanded it's market to include Apparel and Accessories, Sporting Goods, Military and Public Service Uniforms, and Militaria. Read more on the History of Daybreak below.

The "Story"

So, above is the more formal "company blurb" that I have used for years. But from here, I'd like to give you a deeper insight into the story of Daybreak.

This company was formed by me, Kevin Pidgeon, in 1997 out of a need to not be a waiter forever and to not have to teach in public schools (I was in college for music education...yes, to be a music teacher).

Since I was already involved in music, I started making phone calls to music instrument and accessory dealers that I knew of. Next thing you know, I began a retail music supply business. It was good in the beginning, but then the internet stripped the profits down to nothing (not fun).

From there, one of my sales reps at a music supply company got another job at a military and outdoors supplier. So, I took a look at it and even went so far as to setup an account at the supplier. About a year went by and I hadn't placed a single order at the new supplier (truth is I couldn't figure out a good way to enter that market). Then one day while researching online for new products and ideas, I found the "Jack Bauer Bag" (the man purse/bag 'o tricks that Kiefer carried around constantly in the memorable "24" television series). Well, it turns out that bag was manufactured by Rothco (the military/outdoor supplier). I immediately listed the bag everywhere I could and sold a lot of them, while still working out of my home.

From there, I expanded the catalog to include more and more items from Rothco. Moved the business out of my home and into an office and have since moved two more times to where we are today (a small warehouse with a decent office). I actually continued to sell music items for a few years beyond the shift to the military and outdoor stuff, but eventually the new segment took over.

We normally employ part time employees that are stay-at-home moms or dads and college students. Offering flexible hours to two groups of people that need them.

Overall, I have to say, I do love this business. I've learned a lot and have had plenty of fun (and headaches).

Every purchase made with Daybreak is personal and we like to think of our customers as an extended group of friends from all over.

Thank you for checking us out and I do hope that I have the opportunity to provide you with great products and even better service.

Kevin R Pidgeon, President
Daybreak Enterprises, Inc.